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Variety of styles of guitar music

Learn what you want to learn

It doesn’t matter what style of guitar playing you enjoy, we'll provide professional and superior lessons based on your preferences. You can choose to learn anything from Folk music to Progressive Metal and everything in between.


With over 30 years of guitar instruction, we truly want you to learn the technical skills needed for any style of music that you love. Call us today to learn more.

Incredible musical styles

- Rock

- Blues

- Jazz

- Funk

- Fusion

- Reggae

- Ragtime

- Neo-Medieval

Get personal, one-on-one guitar instruction at Exum Studio of Guitar!



Incredible musical styles

More fantastic musical styles

- Country

- Romantic

- Impressionistic

- Dixieland

- Swing

- Standards

A black and white electric guitar

Learn to play a variety of styles

of guitar music today!

- Renaissance

- Baroque

- Samba

- Classical

- Brazilian

- Spanish

- Bee Bop and more

- Praise and Worship

- Cool Blues Rock

- Classic Rock

- Progressive Metal

- Western Swing

- American Patriotic

- Bossa Nova

- Flamenco

- Latin

- Cajun

- Zydeco

- Folk

- Rockabilly

- Blue Grass

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