Exum Studio Of Guitar
Professional guitar lesson

Perfect the art of guitar playing

Exum Studio of Guitar provides custom tailored, one-on-one guitar instruction that will assist you in meeting your musical goals, regardless of how eclectic they may be. Explore your musical tastes with private lessons.


You can expect to hone your skills in a variety of aspects of guitar performance. With over 30 years of guitar expertise, you can expect quality lessons that will truly reward you.

You will learn a variety of things

- Learn songs from recordings and videos

- Read standard music notation and interpretation

- Develop and reveal a unique voice, personality, and self-expression through music

- Learn or improve improvisational skills in soloing from both a harmonic and scalar standpoint

Lessons from Exum Studio of Guitar will help aspiring guitar instructors become the best that they can be so that they can further the cause of our beloved instrument.

Professional guitar lesson

Gain new abilities

- Transcribe and learn songs from recorded music in standard notation and lead sheets

- Perform publicly

- Coordinate musical activities for groups or families

- Learn how to conduct a band rehearsal

Music notes

You'll get instruction from a repertoire according to your musical requests.

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