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Professional guitar lesson

Do you want to sound like a professional?

When you choose to take guitar lessons from the Exum Studio of Guitar, you can expect professional and quality one-on-one instruction. You will have access to our instructor 7 days a week to assist you with any questions.


Get help with areas of your lesson that you don’t quite understand any time you need it. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our impressive, personal guitar lessons.

Expect the best from us

- Best guitar lessons available

- Assistance on developing a daily practice plan

- Provide opportunities for public performance

- Playing opportunities with other musicians on the same skill level

- Help prepare for a concert or tour


Get 4 to 5 1-hour lessons for ONLY $130.00 per month

Get 4 to 5 45-minute lessons for ONLY $97.50 per month

Get 4 to 5 30-minute lessons for ONLY $65.00 per month

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Realize your potential

With lessons from the Exum Studio of Guitar, you will gain the experience that you need to play any form of music. We want you to be comfortable in any genre that you choose, and we encourage creative diversity. Talk to Frank Exum today to discuss your particular wants and needs for your guitar lessons.

Professional guitar lesson

Challenge yourself!

Learn to master the art of guitar playing.

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